Right now - 40% on lots of items, discount at check out
Right now - 40% on lots of items, discount at check out

About us

Baby Bubble Online is a small family business based in Sweden.
We are a team of handy craftsmen with inspiration coming from our children. Together we are a unique online store for children and their parents that puts quality, fun and development benefits first.

We focus on high quality, trusted brands and handmade items for children that we KNOW are made with concern about children's safety and environmental sustainability.

✴ You know what materials are used in the item and that they are safe to use for children, all from wool and cotton to wood.
✴ It also means that our team consists of craftsmen who are parents themselves and produce items for children APPROVED and LOVED BY children.

And if you are getting ready to become a parent, we have something for you too!

Tested and loved by thousands of moms, our products in section Pregnancy and Nursing will serve you and your baby the best way by:

👉 relieving back pain
👉 making your baby sleep well
👉 helping to make breastfeeding even more cozy and easy, a wonderful time together with your baby

The quality and usefullness of our products is guaranteed.

However, should you not be pleased with any product from us, contact us by email info@babybubbleonline.com and we will help you, no questions asked.

BBO team 💕

Based in Sweden

Organisation number: 8701299029

VAT: SE870129902901