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Colored baby mobile (12 weeks).
Colored baby mobile (12 weeks).

Colored baby mobile (12 weeks)


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The Montessori inspired colored mobile for a baby at approximately 12 weeks

Around three months old, babies can see the full color spectrum. This is a good time to introduce this colored mabile.

This mobile was conceived for babies to help them develop:

- their concentration
- the perception of depth and distance
- the perception of movement
- the eye-hand coordination

Initially, hang the mobile at 15-20 cm from the baby's breast (not directly above the face). Raise it a few centimeters when the baby starts moving her hands - this way you will help her develop eye-hand coordination. When the baby can grasp objects, remove the mobile from her reach but continue using it as a visual stimulant.

4 shapes (circle diameter = 15cm, total height = 25cm, shapes size = 7cm)

Fleece, bead, sting, metal ring, only stitched, no glue, no paint

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